Build a sturdy deck and you'll get years of enjoyment from it. The elements can be tough on a deck, so maintenance is key. Inspect it once or twice a year and make repairs as soon as you spot damage. This saves time and money in the long run.

Mimics and gestures can tell much

Hopefully you can see how important nonverbal communication is. Some sources say that it may be 78 percents of communication between people. In other words, nonverbal communication may be the most important part of communicating with other people. .Actually, your success in relations with the opposite sex depends on your abilities to understand the signals sent by your partner.

If you interpret them in a right way, you can send your own appropriate signals to him and behave tactically. If you want to figure someone out, it's better to combine that person's words and gestures when analysing a situation. When the words of your opponent contradict his gestures, you better trust the motions. .It's worth mentioning that Russian brides possess a larger spectrum of refined ways to attract attention and manipulate men.

Besides, alluring gestures, long stares and adjusting hair or clothes are common for both sexes. For example, blushing cheeks and dilated pupils show person's excitement. If you want to have a complete understanding between you and your partner, you can conciliate him in a fast and simple way by copying his pose and reflecting his gestures. Do it gradually, but only you feel yourself comfortable enough. .In case of long-distance relationship, guys want to know how to behave while meeting their ladies after the long months of correspondence over the Internet.

Behaving correctly in such situations is crucial. So, here's one tip that will help you understand if your female partner is sexually attracted to you. .Scientists say, before two people decide if they need or want each other, their chemistry on subconscious level has already known it from the first moment of their face-to-face meeting. Every person has intimate or private space with the radius of 50 centimeters. If you want to check whether a girl likes you or not, try to get closer to her breaking this limit and step back after a few seconds.

Then watch her reaction. If a woman feels free, relaxed, comfortable and allows you to enter her territory, it's a signal that you can get closer to her. And vice verse, if she's nervous, irritated and tries to get back from you, it means she's not ready for a close relationship with you. All this happens on a subconscious level so she'll never notice that you're testing her. She may even have not understood yet, if she likes or dislikes the person.

.Also, when a female is interested in the opposite sex, she involuntarily puts her feet a bit broader than usual. Even if she's in a company of several men, no matter if she's sitting or standing, her toes will be always directed towards a man she's interested in. Crossed legs always show emotional dissatisfaction, though sometimes a woman does so if she is highly sexually excited.

That's why you should follow her mimicry and eyes as well. .By the way, Russian women are about 1000 times more sensible to different smells than men. So, if some odor is nice and gentle for them, it can greatly increase their sexual desire. If you want to attract a girl, use some good toilet water, but not too strong, before seeing the lady of your dream. The next steps will depend from your first experience and meeting.

.For most guys, traveling to a girls' home-country is a life altering decision, as many men may find it hard to choose their partner without actually meeting in person. So, it's utterly normal to take a "private tour" and meet several ladies. Most girls will understand such a course of action; Nevertheless, some may find offensive to know that there is competition.

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