Build a sturdy deck and you'll get years of enjoyment from it.


Learn great tips on how to do common wood working projects around the house like building decks, fences, playsets and more. GR Woodwork is a great resource, come learn more!

The wonderful world of working with wood

When Stan Bradley retired, his main knowledge of wood came from cutting sleepers and fenceposts. Now, he’s the craftsman responsible for beautiful wooden objects from goblets and bowls to intricate miniatures.

Testament to the popularity of the craft, there was standing room only at the Bundaberg Woodworkers’ Guild annual wood and craft expo on the weekend.

Many guild members discovered woodworking in their retirement, when they found themselves with time and money to pursue the hobby.

In some ways deck building is a rather complex do-it-yourself project, but, since decks do not have to be leak proof or perfectly built, it is well within the scope of most novice builders.

This website will provide you with the information you will need to do the work efficiently. Deck building can be a demanding job both physically and mentally. It is, however, very rewarding. It moves quickly and will give you a pleasing living area for a small price.

Periodic maintenance will keep your doors working smoothly, but eventually the accumulated wear-and-tear will affect their integrity. Replacing a door can help you conserve energy and it's an easy way to make a dramatic change in your home's appearance. You can save yourself some potential headaches by purchasing the prehung door unit you plan to install before beginning the framing. That way, you can be sure the opening you build is about 3/4 inch wider than the prehung door unit. This allows enough room to make the necessary adjustments. More ...


If you don't yet have a pressure sprayer, think about getting one. With a sprayer you can quickly handle all sorts of exterior maintenance chores, from brightening and sealing a deck to cleaning siding, screens, driveways, and patios.

  • Mix deck-brightening solution as directed by the manufacturer. Apply the solution with a pressure sprayer. Let the solution set for 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the deck thoroughly with a stiff brush. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
  • Rinse the deck with clear water. If necessary, apply a second coat of brightener to extremely dirty or stained areas. Rinse and let the deck dry, then apply a fresh coat of sealer or stain.


Spend a single weekend building a porch swing or a window box and you'll reap the rewards for years to come. For an outdoor project that lasts, select weather-resistant building materials, use solid construction techniques and apply the right protective finish.

  • Building a Picnic Table
  • Assembling the Swing
  • Making the Back and Seat Supports
  • Preparing the Arm Assemblies and Seat Slats

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