Build a sturdy deck and you'll get years of enjoyment from it. The elements can be tough on a deck, so maintenance is key. Inspect it once or twice a year and make repairs as soon as you spot damage. This saves time and money in the long run.

Great Games of Halloween Party

Make your Halloween party a hit and rollicking with your friends club with these Halloween party games. Check out great games for Halloween party. While you are clearing the table and pushing it out of the way let your guests try this stunt. Hang a string from the center of a doorway. On it fasten a short stick or cane so that it remains parallel to the floor.

From one end of the stick suspend a ripe juicy apple. Spin the cane merry-go-round fashion as fast as possible. Then let the first brave soul step close and try to bite the apple as it flies past. If he succeeds in biting the apple he will be, or is, lucky in matters of love.

If he fails he's very unlucky and will need considerable dusting off. It's a hilarious game all your guests will be clamoring to play. For a quieter game give each lady present a cup of wet pumpkin seeds and supply each man, young or old, with a threaded needle. As each lady hands the man a seed from her supply he threads it on a needle and runs it down the thread. If he drops the seed he must recover it before another seed can be threaded.

The couple finishing the cup of seeds first wins the right to first try in the next game. Line up on the table seven lighted candles. Ask a guest to stand six or eight feet from the table facing the candles.

Then blindfold him and turn him completely around three times and tell him to walk to the table and blow three times at the candle flames. Allow him three blows and no more. If he blows out all the candles he will sell all his crops at a big profit. If he fails to blow out any he'll have to store his grain. If 1, 2,3,4,5, or 6 candles are left burning they indicate the number of years before he will become rich. This next game can be played by any number of people.

Tie candy pumpkins or orange or black jelly beans to a string. Make each string about three feet long. Instruct each guest to put the free end of the string into his mouth and hold his hands behind his back. At a signal all start chewing.

They continue to chew until someone gets his piece of candy in his mouth. He is declared winner. It is an exciting game to watch and equally funny to the players who have trouble to keep from laughing as they furiously chew. While the following game is an old one it always makes a hit. The ladies are seated in chairs facing a circle. There is one extra chair.

Behind every chair stands a man. All men stand stiffly with their hands at their sides. The man behind the empty chair is the Halloween cat.

When the cat sees a lady he'd like to sit in his chair, he winks at her. She must slip away from her chair before the man at her back can restrain her by putting his hands on her shoulders. If she escapes her man becomes the cat. If she doesn't, the cat must try another lady. This game is fun for all and takes quite a bit of time. Be careful not to play any game so long that the guests get tired of it.

Quit each game while it is at its height and go on to the next game. For the farewell game let the men join the women in a circle. Caution your guests that no one must laugh during this game. If he does he will be eliminated. The first player, looking solemn, says, "Ho" to the person on his right.

That player then says, "Ho Ho" to the third person. He in turn says to the fourth, "Ho Ho Ho." Each person with a straight face adds another "Ho.

" Around the circle will go the "Ho Hos" until only one "sober-sides" remains? He will be the winner. With a merry "Ho Ho" we wish you a jolly Halloween the night that a party is a must. A game can be interesting and exciting as log as the kids enjoy it. But you should not forget to remember to set the time for each game in order to avoid the children getting tired of it.

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