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DVD shows criminals how to get away with illegal activity and avoid prison

Some cameramen participated in a robbery, a car jacking, a home invasion and got arrested. I admit nothing, I hung out with Jiggaboo Jones with a digital camera during a police chase, robbery, burglary and several other felony crimes. On the video Jiggaboo Jones told people how to get away with crime.

You can get a copy my footage. Get it before it gets banned. I had to pull a shotgun on my best friend during the making of this movie. We was drinking, having fun, and I was talking to the camera when my best friend walked in talking some bullshit. It's now one of the most talked about bootleg clips on the internet. The footage was so crazy, out for control and wild they threw it in the movie.

Local newspapers reported a rise in crime during the production of this movie. Its documented by the Los Angeles Police Department, local Authorities and the media. Jiggaboo Jones had a one man impact lowering the arrest rate while crime soared and left everyday citizens scared, angry and confused. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen you need to see this video to educate yourself enough so you don't become a statistic. Buy the today DVD and protect yourself tomorrow. Key character, Jiggaboo Jones' Uncle Mac Duff died during production of the Documentary.

Close friends state, Jiggaboo Jones took a sinister turn without the logical and humanitarian side of Mac Duff to keep him in check. Jiggaboo Jones attacked an unarmed man with a briefcase out of anger of his passing. This proved to be a dark turning point that started a hail f legal problems, felony arrests and long drawn out court cases. Find out about the events where Jiggaboo Jones forced his uncle to run for his freedom during a savage shooting in Chicago, Il.

They barged in to my house, cameras, lights and that nigga Jiggaboo Jones. We grew up together but I still was pissed that they came in like that. I told them what they wanted to know about that scandalous cheating ass nigga. I was cool and looking back maybe I told too much about me in the process. I can hold my own in the East Side 408, so I keeps it real?.

"Imagine ripping off a constant supply of businessmen & tourists without ever going to prison!" NOW: Get instant access to 4 free minutes of criminal instruction from the breakthrough runaway-smash hit DVD, Jackin 101 with Jiggaboo Jones. Picture a healthy criminal lifestyle without getting arrested. When you subscribe to the free JIGGA2JONES youtube channel hosted by the #1 nigger in America Jiggaboo Jones you'll learn the secrets to never getting arrested on some bullshit again. You'll get dozens of unlawful ideas and criminal techniques each week, and every other week you'll receive a "video" containing actual readers' questions and Jiggaboo's replies.

Plus you get instant access to 2 FREE CRIMINAL IDEAS! Join us right now: Nipsey Washington aka Jiggaboo Jones Los Angeles Criminal Mastermind Let's face it - Prison is not fun. Yet, most people within the criminal underworld nowadays waste tremendous amounts of their lifetime going back and forth to jail. Prison sentences are getting longer for lesser crimes, why lose time on the street with faulty game? Despite the fact that getting time in the yard is an old, obsolete technique to become an OG (Original Gangster) that no longer makes sense in today's Information Age economy and politically pacified law enforcement officials. In so many areas of criminal activity and life in general, new and efficient methods have been accepted and embraced, but for some reason that homies, Gees, Players, Pimps and Dope Dealers and Shot Callers of most gangs today continue to teach, endorse, and even force the practice of "Straight Jackin' and Armed Robbery" on their soldiers, despite the fact that Strong Arm Crime and larceny no longer produces the healthy rolls of cash it did ten or twenty years ago, and in many cases produces no results at all, other than lost homeboys, felony cases, parole violations and even life sentences in Prison. STOP wasting your time and losing valuable time on the street, stick around to raise your bad ass kids, shoot dice and smoke dope with your homies. Gain a steady income with streamlined criminal activity.

START using the Information Age, pacified justice system and the blatant stupidity of average people to your advantage. Criminal techniques I reveal in my newsletter secrets that will double or even triple your time between arrests, forever ending back to back convictions & prison sentences! TESTIMONIALS: ?thats what I call a real steet nigga man yo nigga that shit you do is funny and ya keeping it real at da same time thats what i call a real steet nigga keep em comin nigga holla at ya boi a real nigga!!!! - hitman ?You the shit, I look up to you yo you the shit I look up to you hit me up man Im gonna fuck bitches up tonight for you homie - offznutzbtch .wen it comes to gambling.u is my idol jiggaboo.bruh yo shit go hella stupid.

i aint never seen a nigga like you.i be shottin dice at school all the time.and i aint never net a nigga that can roll any number he wants.i swear.

wen it comes to gambling.u is my idol.thats on my momma.

jiggaboo jones.YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - Ricky VIDEO: Here's just some of what you get with this one-of-a-kind DVD: Learn why committing street crime is dead in today's world Learn how to cut down on murder by 75% Learn the game of victimless crimes See why rental cars and hotel rooms are no longer safe Learn the ethics of jackin' Expert advice from myself and others on how YOU can improve your criminal mindset - without getting locked up! World Record setting amounts of casual profanity A BONUS look behind the scenes during the delivery of a new street weapon A How to bootleg this DVD and make money A FREE preview of the soon to be bestseller, Wicked Boyz 851. Much, Much more Go ahead and subscribe.

If you don't like what you see, it's simple to unsubscribe. SPECIAL 3 to 5 Guarantee. Try many of the things seen on this DVD incorrectly and get caught you will absolutely end up in jail or prison serving three to five years or more. Honor Program non-black people purchasing this DVD will actually be able to file for honorary nigga status wherever the office for that type of thing is handled in your home town.

(Check for availability) We are so sure that you will like this DVD and watch it over and over and tell your friends, You will be able to recite lines from the movie and confuse your friends and family. If in fact you don't like this DVD, you simply replace the DVD in it's cover place it in a plastic bag and shove it up your no sense of humor having tight ass. The criminal action on Jiggaboo's videos & this DVD is so scandalous you would be foolish to use you own credit card to make this purchase, if we didn't use an honest 3rd party vendor. The Police have gone soft, politically correct police policies have allowed criminals to take the streets back.

Cops just cant pull up and knock the shit out of you during an arrest, now you can find crooked ways to "Get your payday on", when you get arrested on a humbug charge. -That's the kinds shit Jiggaboo Jones and his homies will show you. The best part about this deal is: The DVD is actually for sale you can purchase it today using someone's credit card or Paypal account.

Ride with the criminals that jacked the Klan and laughed to tell about it! Jackin101 will start a number of anti criminal counter measures. This DVD will put the Hotel and Rental Car on its ass. Jackin101 will show you why the police have become worried about highly intelligent and educated criminals.

The Author writes articles on jackin 101. Jiggaboo Jones Los Angeles Criminal Mastermind.


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